Classy Christmas Decoration Ideas

So, yet again, ’tis the season.  I decided to adorn my newest abode with something festive.

I put up some twinkly lights in my window and they look great in the dark and during the day when they are back-lit by sunlight:

I’ve hung the lights between the two layers of curtain.  On the outer I have a sheer cream colored fabric to keep people walking past from being able to see me in my living room.  Since I live in the basement of an apartment building on the corner nearest the entrance there is a lot of traffic past my windows.  On the interior, to keep the light out at night I’ve hung brown cloth curtains.  The two layers of curtain, plus the star-shaped lights silhouette in a delicate and ethereal way that is really lovely.  At night, from outside the lights look cheery and from inside twinkly and warm.


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