Enter the Goldfish

More productivity!  This little fish was originally drawn with a sharpie about a year ago.  He then hung on my cubicle wall, and cheered me up every time I looked at him.  Not too long ago I decided to give my hand a try at creating large-scale graphic pieces.  This guy seemed the perfect candidate.

Considering the success I had with the spattering effect on my last piece I repeated the process, with slight adaptations.  In the last painting I sprayed several layers of green with thicker paints.  This was intended to look like layers of leaves and grass to represent a garden.  In the goldfish piece I’m going for water.  Thinning the paint and holding the spray bottle closer to the canvas caused the finished product to have more condensed areas of color with natural gradation between.  Inspired by the glaze colours on a bowl from my uncle’s pottery I added a touch of coral.

Then more blue.  Blue is the complimentary color for Orange, so it works out great that orange goldfish live in blue water.  The shade of orange that I’m using is contrasted best with aqua, so with the intention of making the fish really pop, without making the piece gaudy I settled on this shade for the background.

Once dried I transferred the outline from my little 4×6 inch drawing to the 24×30 inch canvas.  I’m very pleased with the outcome.  Now for the orange!  Please stay tuned.


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