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East Sooke Park and Moss Street Photos

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Lily Really Really Finished

More Lilies

Lily Lily Lily

Stargazer Lily Painting Commission

Newest painting update, but first a picture of my fishes!  Gobi is the black one.  The orange one didn’t have a name for a long time so I decided just to rhyme it and call him Kobi.  Kobi’s face in this photo is the best.

 Now here are the first three steps of the stargazer lily painting:

Base of Blue

White and Pink

Pinker and Pinker

Holga Photos of Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon

A true example of my procrastination skills at work: I had not, until now, gotten around to having two rolls of film developed that I shot in April of 2010!  Here are my favorite shots, the rest follow later.

the half-size eiffle tower

the grand canyon

palm trees and blue sky

the giant MGM lion

It was in April that I took a trip with my friend to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon.  I decided while packing that I didn’t want to bring my Sony camera along as it is on the bigger side, and I worried about it geting stolen.  It wasn’t until I was acctually on the strip in Las Veags taking in the sights that I regretted this decision.  While on our first day of exploring I found a Holga camera on sale with black and white film.  It had been years since I used a film camera and thought it would be fun to give it a new try.

Holga cameras are pretty neat little devices, playing off the very basics in photography they can do all sorts of things if you know how to use them.  I opted to just use the basic functions and see how some shots turned out.

The first few shots are my favorites.  Here is the whole series.  They are developed straight off the film and have not been photoshopped whatsoever.

Caitlin’s Flowers

So.  It’s finished.  I tried taking photos of it in natural light, but they still don’t do justice to the colors in real life.  I might need to consider taking a photography class to learn how to shoot my work better.

Anyways, Caitlin, I hope you like it!  It’s signed and everything.

Almost There

The light on this photo is slightly misleading and the green in the center of the flowers is still slightly wet.  Otherwise this is about how this finished product will look.  I should say that it may take a day or two to decide that it is in fact finished as I always give myself a bit of time to decide if I want to change anything.


Last night I used up the last of my Cadmium Yellow Medium Hue.  So I traveled on a most uncomfortable bus to buy some more.  I decided to treat myself while I was at the mall and went to see Megamind, the newest animated blockbuster.  There were maybe three or four laugh out louds and one was a true belly laugh, but I’d say over all it’s just another children’s flick with big name stars doing mediocre voice work that will in time fade into the background like so many Monsters vs. Aliens before it.  Here’s what the yellow paint achieved:

Some Shots from Jasper

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