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Deb ‘n’ Aidan’s Portrait: Finished

I decided to make the hair red!  It was the plan from the beginning so I threw caution to the wind and went with my gut.  I’m glad I did.  The result makes for a much more striking image.

In these photos you can see my lovely carpet.  It’s brown?  I was sure it was grey yesterday.

I also added a black border and painted the sides of the canvas black.  I hope you like the outcome.  I sure do.

The Black Lines

I’ve added the black lines.  Next I need to decide if  will make their hair red or not.  It’s a pretty significant feature of the photo I’m working from, but I kinda like this piece monochrome.  I will think it over and let you know.

Graphic Black and White Portrait on Blue

So I promised to post some new work in my last update.  So here is that blue canvas I had started.  I’m finally painting a portrait that a friend of mine asked for several years ago.  Oops.  But now it is half-finished already!  Here is a photo of how the original image with some editing looks projected onto the already canvas.

I purchased this projector to make little drawings and photos easier to blow up into a larger format.  It may be considered corner cutting by some, but the original images are always my own work or I have the permission of the photographer to use it.  I would paint less if it were more difficult to increase the size of my desired image, so for now I love to use it.  I probably don’t have to justify this at all, but it’s an interesting topic to me.  Will some artists consider me less credible as a painter if I don’t create the canvas sized image with conventional transfer techniques?  I certainly don’t, if the original image is my own work is this tha dissimilar to using Photoshop?  It’s a tool. OK.

I needed to get that out apparently.

Here is a photo of the first stage of painting.

I plan to add the “black” areas next and see what that looks like before I add the hair and mid-tones.  I will keep you posted!

An Older Bit of Art

By older I mean that I’m not promptly posting these shots of the piece, it was created in April 2009.  It is a portrait of My friend’s kid that I made for her birthday:

Deb's Kid

April 2009 - Deb's Kid

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