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A Poetry Class Project

East Sooke Park and Moss Street Photos

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Holga Photos of Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon

A true example of my procrastination skills at work: I had not, until now, gotten around to having two rolls of film developed that I shot in April of 2010!  Here are my favorite shots, the rest follow later.

the half-size eiffle tower

the grand canyon

palm trees and blue sky

the giant MGM lion

It was in April that I took a trip with my friend to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon.  I decided while packing that I didn’t want to bring my Sony camera along as it is on the bigger side, and I worried about it geting stolen.  It wasn’t until I was acctually on the strip in Las Veags taking in the sights that I regretted this decision.  While on our first day of exploring I found a Holga camera on sale with black and white film.  It had been years since I used a film camera and thought it would be fun to give it a new try.

Holga cameras are pretty neat little devices, playing off the very basics in photography they can do all sorts of things if you know how to use them.  I opted to just use the basic functions and see how some shots turned out.

The first few shots are my favorites.  Here is the whole series.  They are developed straight off the film and have not been photoshopped whatsoever.

Edmonton Snow 2011

Here in Edmonton we got a huge dump of snow in mid December.  Then early in January we got even more!  I took some photos to post:  (The third photo is of a pile up to second floor balconies!)

Classy Christmas Decoration Ideas

So, yet again, ’tis the season.  I decided to adorn my newest abode with something festive.

I put up some twinkly lights in my window and they look great in the dark and during the day when they are back-lit by sunlight:

I’ve hung the lights between the two layers of curtain.  On the outer I have a sheer cream colored fabric to keep people walking past from being able to see me in my living room.  Since I live in the basement of an apartment building on the corner nearest the entrance there is a lot of traffic past my windows.  On the interior, to keep the light out at night I’ve hung brown cloth curtains.  The two layers of curtain, plus the star-shaped lights silhouette in a delicate and ethereal way that is really lovely.  At night, from outside the lights look cheery and from inside twinkly and warm.

Some Shots from Jasper

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